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"There is no place like Santorini, in the whole world" say our readers, who love the "whitewashed buildings, wonderful beaches and views to die for." Their best memories are of the caldera vistas, the black-sand beach and the "crystal clear water," but they also cast their votes for the island's great shopping" and "awesome food".

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Pool Bar
The modern design of the pool bar with sophisticated touches of color adds a highly exquisite atmosphere to relax, have fun and enjoy your drink. The wide ...
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Enjoy the incomparable sensation of water and games in the elegantly designed swimming pool. A comfortable and serene setting for sunbathing, relaxation, ...
Santorini has a surface of 75,8 km2 and the longest drive from Oia to Akrotiri is about 25 km. Most visitors rent a car or bike in order to be able to ...
Canava Cellar
The wine roads traverse though the body of the island, the mainland. In Vothona, we browse Roula Bellonia's canava and we turn back a few decades, when ...

MessariaAbout our village


It is just 3.5 km away from Fira. Written sources mention the existence of Messaria as early as the 17th century. It belongs to the type of excavated settlements following the valley bottom expanding to the wider area. 


In the late 19th century, here was the hub of the industrial development in Santorini exhibiting the Markezinis knitting factory, Venetsanos' distillery, Nomikos' raki house.
In 1889, Antonis Markezinis brought to Messaria two sock machines which he very quickly multiplied, and in 1912 his factory evolved very fast making him the greek army supplier. He also supplied machines to many women of the island for working at home. In 1933 he established a factory in Athens and a few years later he shut down the one in Santorini.
Venetsanos' kanava had 3 vaults in array. Nomikos' raki house followed the form of a mall but the older kanava was a traditional substructure of a greater scale.
A characteristic in Messaria was that the so called official architecture occupied a distinctive area in the center of the village. There was Aghios (St) Dimitrios church and a number of mansions. The church must have been built prior to 1896, date that it was renovated. The facades of the buildings were not covered in paint, the black stones were obvious and the mortar of the joint-parts was a darker shade of white.
Some of the old houses and underground rock-hewn buildings still survive. You will notice the mansions of Markezinis, Saliveros and Georgios Emmanuel Argyros. The Argyros mansion belonged to the local landowner and wine merchant Argyros and is considered one of the most noteworthy contemporary monuments of Santorini. 

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VolcanoSantorini is one of the few Greek destinations which attracted scholarly interest from very early on. The history of our planet, spanning hundreds of thousands of years, has left its indelible markings on its Caldera. And this unique geological book remains constantly open and readily accessible to anyone who wishes to study this aspect of history. On the other hand, the active volcano of Santorini, with its intermittent large or small eruptions, is a permanent attraction to both geologists as well as volcanologists.
It is not accidental, therefore, that there is a long-standing history of scientific research on the island and that scholarly interest has been preserved unabated to this day, its results never ceasing to constantly surprise us down to the present. 







Admired from the inside of the Caldera, the views of Santorini will be a memorable experience. Even if you arrive on the island by ferry or cruise ship in the afternoon, this awe-inspiring land will leave you speechless. The sunset light adds more colour to the scene and you will have the feeling that you are sailing across the centre of the crater. You may do this tour by private boat, or choose one of the organized sea excursions. Our hotel is 200 meters from Caldera








Medieval CastleThere used to be a castle that was the main castle of Santorini from medieval times until the early 1800s. During a 19th-century earthquake the castle was destroyed and today only some ruins are visible.There is a trail beggining from the church of Agios Georgios through the isthmus connecting Skaros with Imerovigli and wraps around Skaros reaching after half mile the small chapel of Theoskepasti with a unique view of the caldera. It is according to all visitors the top view in Santorini. Just in front of Imerovigli it promises an unforgetable walk and we suggest to include it into your itenerary.






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